About Us

We are not conventional nor want to be, so we have little FAQs about us.

AppInitial? What’s that?

AppInitial Technologies, yes we have this initial and we want to be your application initials, want to become your tech engine.


For the passion we have for the technology. Code is poem for us. Project we excecute is artisan satisfaction beside anything. We are here to deliver professionally and nothing but the best to our partners.

Partners, who?

AppInitial is tremendously driven by passion for the technology and thus helping business to utilize technology to their best of use. For us each client is our partner who, eventually, specialist in other field and join hands with us for being specialist in technology. Engagement with client for us to be lifetime and we want to achieve it with true guidance to our partner and choosing right thing for them.

Sounds cool, and your age?

Together it is in thousands, LOL. Ok jokes apart, we, couple of friends, started our IT adventure in late 2001. We were amateur, IT was not doing good either that time. We rather opted full time jobs then and started with VB6. Over the years our passion became huge to serve something better than we always worked for the organizations. What we had then is good experience and expertise in different technology. We have seen closely how big IT company works and many time found that they lack something that actual delivery to client never become a perfect marriage. In the process, we have now our own enterprise and we want the best experience to the any partner we have, any engagement we do. Key is understanding exact requirement, accepting projects only we can execute to the best of client’s satisfaction, utilizing various technology effectively and most importantly to have best project management system that deliver exactly what client wants and that too in time. Certainly IT is sometime complicated and we can not avoid glitches over the time. But we utilize our experience to avoid such glitches to the most. We encourage you to check our SDLC as well.


For now we are five of us from different walk of IT. But not just that, we have effective and good collaboration with selected IT gurus who actually work for us remotely when it required. We have huge plan of expansion in coming six months.

You sounds grounded and honest, do tell me why should i award you a work?

As we said we would like to be your partner. Who understand your requirement, build robust and scalable architecture,  fulfull it with best coding practice,  project management and timely delivery. Your trust on us would lead our relationship for long term that we have vision to sustain in long run. More than that we encourage you to request for the white-paper on our work stack. Contact us, now or request a quote on click.