Web Services

Humanity has trail of ape, long one. And what is currently influencing humanity. Oh come on, its not Justin Bieber. Sorry and no offense to his larger than life fans, we seriously, and rightly, believe that this is era of Apps. So we came long way from Apes to Apps. Those who watch the trends in technology would not argue. Many big e-commerce portal shifted gear to m-commerce. Mobile Application is the future.

What is heart and soul of any mobile application, apparently backbone it has called Web Services:

  • We articulately plan and implement web services
  • Architecture we build that always consider its scalability and handling future creep.
  • Speed is what we consider major stake in mobile app so we rightly choose framework like Lumen and SlimPHP that has blazing fast benchmarks
  • API call we route very securely and adopt best in practice for Restful APIs